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Fintry Community Garden

The garden bringing the community together

Fintry Community Garden is a new community garden being set up in the Fintry area of Dundee, Scotland. Dundee has several already established community gardens, however, none in this area, therefore we felt FIntry was missing something special. We believe that Fintry needs a green space, where people from all walks of life can come and enjoy a shared garden. That may be just for a walk through the garden, to come and relax or to come and volunteer to help out.

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Our Roots: Communicate with your Community

Here at Fintry Community Garden, the goal of the project is not just one, but many. I want to create a green space for all, not just adults or kids or certain people with specialised skills, but a place where all can share. Somewhere to come and relax or come and take part. A place that allows people to give as much or as little as they can manage. An environment that allows people to see and appreciate life, through plants such as fruits and vegetables as well as wildlife.

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So what is a Community Garden?

According to Greenspace Scotland, this is the definition of a community garden:
“Community gardens are locally managed pieces of land that are developed in response to and reflect the needs of the communities in which they are based. They may be associated with other community resources such as community centres or schools, but often are ‘stand-alone’. Not all community gardens are involved in growing - some are focused on amenity and recreation, others prioritise biodiversity or therapeutic gardening. Many include elements of fruit and vegetable growing within their activities and some focus strongly on these activities”

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"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." – Greek proverb

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Finavon Terrace Dundee United Kingdom DD4 9ED


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